The DigiTOL Power Cells are welded and hermetically sealed in a stainless stell housing. They are purged with an inert gas, waterproof, contain no moving parts and provide greatly increased reliability as a result. The microprocessor that controls low voltage signals is protected in a sealed environment…only easily handled digital information is sent to the scale instrument. Power Cells provide 6,000,000 times the signal strength of conventional load cells. Only military spec wide temperature range components are used. No RFI problems. Since each Power Cell contains its own A to D microprocessor, meaningful diagnostics are inherent in the DigiTOL system. Troubleshooting and set-up are made easier.

All scale adjustments are made in software via the keyboard… nothing in the pit or junction box to adjust. Cables stay with the scale… no need to re-thread them in the event of a change in the Power Cell. They connect to the Power Cell with a waterproof connector.

DigiTOL…Sloves Problems Common to Analog Load Cells
Solves low voltage analog signal problem.

Signals as low as a millionth of a volt are typically transmitted by analog load cells. These low voltage signals are easily disrupted traveling through long cable runs, causing unstable and inaccurate readings, The DigiTOL output signal is 3 to 4 volts… millions of times less sensitive to disruption than an analog signal.

Solves problems caused by Radio Frequency Interference.
The low voltage signals of an analog load cell are easily disrupted by electrical interference and common radio signals. Versions of the DigiTOL cell designed for use in high interference areas shrug off such disruptions.

Solves problems caused by moisture and corrosion.
Where required, DigiTOL cells are hermetically sealed in a tough, stainless steel case. Moisture and corrosion can’t get in. They work equally well in hostile and corrosive environments since the digital data are created within this protected environment.

Solves problems caused by lightning.
DigiTOL cells are far more resistant to damage caused by lightning or electrical discharges…especially important in outside scale installations.

Solves problems with off-center loads & temperature changes.
With DigiTOL, the cells are “forgiving” of off-center loading. What’s more, they automatically compensate for temperature changes.

Solves problems caused by “creep.”
The longer a weight remains on a load cell, the more chance there is the weight indication might change. DigiTOL automatically considers the effect of time and compensates for it using its’ internal electronics.

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760 Powercell
A digital, stainless steel, hermetically sealed pin-type load cell is use in truck scales.
The load cell is compatible with Mettler-Toledo indicator 8530.

1) Values may exceed limits in certain cases. The combined error of span, linearity error,
and hysteresis will not exceed 70% of the error limits for HB44 and 80% of the rror limits
according to OIML IR76-1, respectively.
2) TC of span, creep, and creep return for 10,000HB44 typically meet 3000d OIML performance.