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DigiTOL Powercell

The performance of conventional load cells or Analog Load Cells used in truck scales is very often affected by external factors, resulting in inaccurate measurements and breakdowns.
The most common causes are radio frequency interference (RFI), moisture, corrosion, off-centre loadings, lightning and temperature changes.

DigiTOL Powercell load cell is a new type of load cell that utilises digital technology in signal transmission and is designed and built to eliminate these problems.

The load cell is welded and hermetically sealed in a strong stainless steel housing and filled with inert gas. Four microprocessors, each with its own unique function are built in the load cell.

DigiTOL Powercell solves the problems common to Analog Load Cells as follows:-
Problems Solutions
Lightning Compact and shielded
TemperatureChanges Wide temperature range components used and self compensating device in in-built microprocessor
Radio Frequency Interference Output signal strength very much higher than ALC thus less sensitive to interference
Time Load Sequence Self diagnostic and correction by in-built microprocessor
Corrosion & Moisture Hermetically sealed in strong stainless steel housing and internally filled with inert gas
Off Center Loading Compensated by in-built microprocessor

With the elimination of all such problems caused by these external factors, DigiTOL Powercell is therefore more accurate and reliable, even in more hostile environments.

Over 250,000 DigiTOL Powercell load cells have been installed worldwide and this is a formidable track record.

Ease of Maintenance
Weighbridge maintenance is easy when DigiTOL Powercell load cells are used. The indicator detects and reports errors, and pinpoints the location of the load cell. No more extended troubleshooting downtime. Replacement, if necessary, is at a breeze.

Worldwide AcceptanceISO 9001 Certified
ISO 9001 Certified
U.S. National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)
European Community Test Certificate
Australian Test Certificate
Factory Mutual
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