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Out dry mix concrete batching plant marketed under CONCRETEMASTER is a fully integrated
and modular plant which can be shifted without much hassle.  Excellent quality and value for low
entry investment makes CONCRETEMASTER an ideal construction partner.

  Low maintenance, higher reliability and 100%  parts back-up….. a hallmark of our

  The CONCRETEMASTER has undergone continuos development and refinement since its
original inception and is often described as the backbone of SET’s plant series.

  The CONCRETEMASTER model SET-CBP-60D is configured to run optimally for a production
capacity of up to 60m³ /hour. Model SET-CBP-30D for production up to 30m ³/hour.

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Plant Capacity 60m³ /hour 30m³ /hour
Batching Capacity 5 - 6m³ /batch 3m³ /batch
Cement Storage Silo Capacity 2 X 100 tons / 2 X 50 tons 1 X 50 tons
Sand Storage Hopper 2 compartments X 30 tons each 2 compartments X 30 tons each
Water Storage Tanks 1 X 5,000 gallons 1 X 5,000 gallons
Cement Weighing Range 0 – 3,000 Kg 0 – 1,500 Kg
Sand Weighing Range 0 – 12,000 Kg 0 – 6,000 Kg
Water Weighing Range 0 – 1,200 Kg N/A
Water Flow Meter Range N/A 0 – 1,000 liter
Discharge Method Direct shooting Direct shooting
Discharge Height 2,700mm 2,700mm
Sand Hopper Loading Direct loading Direct loading
Sand Hopper Loading Height 4,500mm 4,500mm
Sand Batching Method Direct gravity flow Direct gravity flow
Sand Weighing System 4 Load Cells suspended system 4 Load Cells suspended system
Cement Batching Method 2 X Screw Conveyor 1X Screw Conveyor
Cement Weighing System 3 Load Cells system 3 Load Cells system
Water Weighing System 3 Load Cells system Semi Auto Flow Meter
Air Compressor 5.5 Hp 5.5 Hp
Control Cabin 10’ X 10’ Extended View 10’ X 10’ Extended View
Control System Automatic Material Cut Off /
Optional Computerized System
Automatic Material Cut-Off /
Optional Computerized System
Electrical Requirement 45 KW 38 KW
Painting Customer’s choice Customer’s choice


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