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-          Interchangeable capacities from 3.5 to 60 tonnes

-          Easy to install and maintain

-          Added strength for safety

-          Design eliminates the need for tie rods

-          Designed for harsh environments

-          Low profile

-          Cast, nylon coated assembly

-          Stainless Steel option available

-          Full Sealing (IP66)

-          CE Approval


The ‘S.E.T.-SafeMount’s’ unique design
ensures safe, simple and accurate
weighing.  Hopper, Vessel and Tank
weighing easier and safer than ever

Technical Information

Time saving benefits are twofold: Firstly time for
installation requires only eight bolts to be tightened and
secondly, the fitting of the load cell should only take a
few minutes.

Options are available for stainless steel applications
for total submersion and the ‘S.E.T.-SafeMount’ can be
certified for intrinsically safe use.


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