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Surface mounted foundations comprise flat solid raft with concrete approach ramps or shallow PR. Service access for load cells maintenance and horizontal restraint adjustment is through the side front and top.

S.E.T. range of electronic weighing indicator system can be fitted, depending on application. Refer to indicator system data sheets for full details. Indicator system i nterface to computer system for process informations and ticket printout.

A hermetically sealed load bearing unit operating in compression to produce a standard electrical output which is proportional to the applied load. Refer to data sheet for further details.

Strut type load units are used I n conjunction with the load cells. Strut units with self-centering features for durabilities and precise weights read out.

Built for durability without compromising on either quality or accuracy, modular Concrete Deck TRUCKMASTERT. or TRUCKMATET. is the sure companion in helping you to put your weighing operation fully under control

Features & Construction

Constructed in standard modules of 6m and 5.25m /5m long, virtually means weighbridge of any sizes can be configured to meet your specific requirement; there is not even a need to compromise.

Unique design concept offers a high degree of flexibility where the weighbridge can be configured optimally to run either in analog mode for reliable low entry investment or in truly digital mode for those requiring the perfection in
technology. OE you can change from analog to digital mode when situation fits in, without even a need to modify your existing bridge.

Modular Design ensures future expandability; you can, in future, increase the bridge length or change to newer weighing technology readily.

Heavy Duty Composite Concrete Deck ensures unparalleled workability even in the toughest environment and an added side rail as extra security feature.

Installed above ground with 300mm of clearance underneath the bridge makes new installation and future maintenance works easier.

Minimization of excessive longitudinal and transverse impact forces by employing adjustable bumper stoppers.

Designed and built to 30,000 kg tandem axle load capacity, ensures a reliable workability under heavy loading patterns.

Intergrating readily with our Computerized Weighing System to provide you the weight and data information you need for complete control of your vehicle weighing operation. Specialized weighing software package that fits your industry perfectly can be engineered to help your business to he more profitable.

Employing only the highest quality sensors and electronics to complete the package ensures your investment starts paying for itself the moment they are put into use.

Wide spectrum of auxiliary equipment to further enhance our standard offer, so every purchase fits perfectly to your needs.

Backed by one of the longest serving and largest company in weighing industry, you are assured that your investment gets proper attention and most importantly, you would never need to suffer from extended breakdown ti me... as what you're really weighing is actually money... in another form.

Standard Weighbridge Configuration For TRUCKMASTER™Standard Weighbridge Configuration For TRUCKMASTER

SET Weighing Systems

Standard Weighbridge Configuration For TRUCKMATE™
Standard Weighbridge Configuration For TRUCKMATE

All standard configured weighbridges are of modular type and built from combinations in multiples of standard 6m and 5.5m/5m modules.

Designed tandem axle capacity are 20, 25 and 30 tons respectively for the standard, heavy duty and extra heavy duty modules.

Minimum digital increment ( Div.) are set conforming to local Weight and Measures Regulations.

Typical Weighbridge Installation
Typical Weighbridge Installation

Highly flexible system with extensive line of options that features widest spectrum of customization to meet specifically your needs, accurately and economically, without even a need to compromise. We built comprehensive systems that make your business more profitable.

  • Traffic Light System
  • Close Circuit Monitoring System
  • Barrier Gate System
  • Vehicle Sensing System
  • Multi Weighbridge Networking System
  • Security Card Access System
  • Customized Weighing Software System
  • Intergrated Weighing / Accounting Software

Concrete Foundation Details
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Concrete Foundation Details
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