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S.E.T. HB-8212


Functional Interface and Versatile Control
Programs are Built in Software Module
¥ Power fail protect circuit design.
¥ (Watch Dog) circuit design.
¥ Humanize design easy simple operation. The HB-8212 is designed with complete system operations from a few simple keys.
¥ Full digital function setting, calibration and adjustment.
¥ Capable of driving up to 8 (350‰) loadcell (280mA).
¥ 32k Bytes Battery Backup memory for 5 data memorizing modes.
¥ Standard RS-232C Communication interface.
¥ Standard 4 inputs, 3 outputs external I/O signal interface.
¥ F-Function selectable Double Weighing Operation for truck scale application.
¥ F-Function selectable Digital Filter for animal scale application.

F-Function selectable unit weight sampling or recall memory for counting scale application.


¥ Secondary Calibration Function you just entering a parameter for calibration without any standard weight.
¥ F-Function selectable Data Hold Operation.
¥ F-Function selectable for single batch weighing control application.
¥ F-Function selectable for check weigher application.
¥ F-Function selectable 10 Automatic Data Printing/Memorizing Control Mode.
¥ User definable Data Printed Form.
¥ F-Function selectable for Automatic Weighing Application. (REF. FIG1)
¥ Optional (01) the second serial communication interface.
¥ Optional (02) RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Driver/Receiver card.
¥ Optional (03) centronics 8 bits parallel printer port interface.
¥ Optional (04) 4-20mA and 0-10VDC analog output interface.

Stardard Interface:

RS-232C Communication interface:
Weight data, status and set value can be written or read by a host computer. Weight data, date, time, serial number and code data can be printed by a serial printer.


¥ External I/O signal interface:
(A) 4 External input signal:
Contact input it open-collector input isolated with photocouplers.
F-Function selectable 6 I/P modes:
Sensor input / as (ZERO) key / as (WT/CN) key as (GR/NT) key / as (PRINT) key / as (WT/CN) key
(B) 3 External output signal:
Open-collector output isolated with photocouplers.
F-Function selectable 6 O/P modes:
O/P Mode 1:
Single Batch Weighing Control
Application (REF. FIG 1)
OP1 ON when Weight≥SP1
OP2 ON when Weight≥SP2
OP3 ON when Weight≥SP3

O/P Mode 2:
Check Weigher Application
OP1 ON when Weight<SP1
OP2 ON when SP2≥Weight≥SP1
OP3 ON when Weight>SP2

O/P Mode 3:
Automatic Static Check
Weighing With Auto Printing Mode
(REF. FIG 2)

O/P Mode 4:
Counting Scale Application
OP1 ON when Count≥SP1
OP2 ON when Count≥SP2
OP3 ON when Weight≥SP3
(REF. FIG 3)

O/P Mode 5:
Traffic Light Control Mode

O/P Mode 6:
Status Output Mode
OP1 ON when Stable
OP2 ON when Data Hold
OP3 ON when Data Printed

Technical Specification