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S.E.T. 16792d
Weighing Indicator Controller for
Digital Load Cell Application

SET16792D Weighing Indicator Controller

Technical parameter

  1. It has two kinds of self-forming modes
  2. The communication between digital load cell could be encrypted
  3. Support Modbus - RTU agreement
  4. Textual messages could be inputed, could be printed out
  5. Resume of factory default value
  6. Automatic and manual corner - difference adjustment.
  7. User - defined printing
  8. It has over - load record, and this could be printed out
  9. EMC protection measurement

Technical parameter

  1. Signal interface:
    RS485 (two wire or four wire)
    Transmission distance is ≤ 1000 meters
    Tranmission baud rate is ≤ 19200 bps
    Signal power supply: DC12V, is no less than 600mA
    Digital interface numbers: ≤ 1 6pcs of digital load cells
  2. Display: 7 bits LED, 7 bits status indication
  3. Key board: data keys (0-9)
    Function keys: 25pcs (10pcs of them is same as data keys.)
  4. Time: It can display year / month / date / hour / minute / second
  5. Remote display interface, trans,ission mode, serial Output RS232 or 0-20 current loop
  6. Serial communication interface:
    Transmission mode: RS232 / RS485
    Baud rate: 600/ 1 200 / 2400 / 4800/ 9600/ 19200 could be selected
  7. Printing interface: Standard parallel printing interface, it could connect
    with printer such as ESPON LQ-300K + II, Espon LQ-1600K (+),
    KX-P1131, DS-300
  8. Data storage:
    Tare weights of vehicle ID: 1500 groups
    Cargo name: 201 groups
    Customer name: 100 groups
    Remarks: 100 groups
    Weighing record: 2400 groups
  9. Working environment:
    Power supply: AC110-220V, 15V±10%
    Power: 45W DC:12V
    Dimension: 339 x 110 x 230 mm
    Weight: Appro. 3.7kg

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