For high precision belt weighers

Belt weighing unit BK for existing idlers or with SEG patented adjustable precision idler

The weighing unit BK is used in belt conveyors having capacities from a few tones/h to about 800. The weighing unit replaces one or more of the conveyor idlers and forms the weight component in the S.E.G. belt weighing system. The weighing unit can either be used together with an adapter for accomodation of an existing idled set, or with an adjustable SEG precision idler set with trued and balanced rollers.

SEG Belt weighing unit BK
TAC, Type Approval Certificate, according to
OIML R50:1997 Class 0.5, 1 and 2


  • Easy to install with a minimum of modifications to the conveyor
  • Adapts to most existing idler set types
    Proven heavy duty design
With SEG 'precision idler set (optional):
  • Adjustable trough angle
  • Fine adjustment f roller height allows easy and accurate adjustment
  • Precision manufactured rollers


  • Up to 800 tonnes / h
  • Down to 0,1% inaccuracy
  • Belt width 500 - 1300 mm
  • Uses strain gauge Load cells
  • Type approved (TAC) together with
    S.E.G.'s MID approved belt weighing instruments.
  • Overload protection (optional).


  • Legal for trade
  • Load out
  • Flow indication
  • Control
  • Totalising


Typical installation of a Belt Weigher

Typical installation of a Belt Weigher

Tachometer TYPE F
Spec. F13-3
Sensor for measuring the belt speed.
Speed sensor type PS
Altemative pulse sensor for measuring the belt speed.
Drive Unit TYPE CF
The Drive Unit gives the tachometer with it's measuring wheel a definite contact pressure against the conveyor belt.
The Tachometer can also be assembled directly on the end drum.
Connection Box TYPE G
Spec. F31-19
Connection Box for connecting the load cell and the tachometer to the belt weighing instrument
Load Cell
Spec F31-16
The Belt Weighing Unit is designed for S.E.G strain gauge load cells.
Belt Weighing instrument The Belt Weighing Unit BK is Type Approved together with S.E.G.’s
Type Approved Belt Scale Controllers.
The Belt Weighing Unit BK is delivered painted with blue enamel


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