(Managing Director)

I am pleased that you have chosen to visit our Home Page. It couldn't be at a more appropriate time. S.E.T.® Weighing Systems is at the threshold of some very important development which will be evident in the way we serve you into the next millennium, and the array of products that will be placed at your disposal.

The entire weighing industry is in fact being cut a new profile, and with modern digital technology in weighing systems we will witness a convergence into a digital environment.

In this context we will be spending a good portion of our time and research efforts in translating all these technologies into more direct applications for you, the end-user.

Of greater concern to us is how you the end-users will directly benefit from our new undertakings. While we have the span of experience and competencies we shall be consistently refining our businesses, products and services in order that we can continue to enjoy your support and serve you with speed and professionalism.

This website offers detail information on our organisation, operations and range of products and services, and should there be more information that you require you fill up the Enquiry Form provided or Contact us directly. We would be pleased to hear from you. Your comments and views will be appreciated.

Thank you and have a pleasant visit with us. We hope to continue to serve you in many years to come.

We are not obligated to sell one more unit BUT we are obligated to service the unit that we have sold.