Wide Coverage

S.E.T.® offers the most extensive service network in Malaysia . Our branches and service centre located in Ipoh , Kuala Lumpur , Teluk Intan and appointed dealers throughout Malaysia to ensure full coverage. See Contacts for all the addresses. We have more than ten service teams each with a van allocated that is stocked with common spare parts for fast on-site replacement. Our service teams are always on the road and can be easily contacted to attend to your problems by mobile phone.

Well Trained Teams

S.E.T.®'s service personnel are highly experienced and well trained. They are always kept up to date with the latest technology or information on the products and equipment we offer. They are periodically sent for professional training course implemented by our Principal company or our equipment manufacturer. This ensures that customers problems will be attended to professional and efficiently.

Spare Parts

Time is the essence in any business and it is important to make sure that companies do not suffer extended downtime due to equipment breakdown. That is why; S.E.T.® makes sure that spare parts are always available, 24 hours a day. As the Partner of the industry, we have ample supply of spare parts. As we always tell our customers:

"We are not obligated to sell one more unit but we are obligated to service the unit that we have sold." ......T K Leong

All S.E.T.®'s equipment and products are installed by the company's trained engineers and technicians and will be on-site tested before handover.

Heavy Capacity Test Service

We have a fleet of trucks and vans to carry out tests and calibration services. We can test or calibrate truck scales (or weighbridge), rail road scales, hopper scales, tank scales and floor scales.

Response time to your call is normally within 24 hours. This test service can be used to check on any brand of heavy capacity scales.

Certified Test Weighs Calibration

Our S.E.T.® Weighbridge Test Unit is approved by the Weights & Measure Department for calibration of weighbridges.