S.E.T.® R5000 Digital Indicator

  • 60 Updates / Sec.
  • 100,000 Divisions
  • Extreme Reliability
  • Anti-Vibration Filter
  • Electrically Stabilised


The Ranger 5000 uses the very latest 24 bit A/D Converter and full surface-mount technology to achieve industry leading performance and stability. The "adjustable everything" digital setup allows this unit to be ideally configured to suit almost all weighing applications.

With more divisions, enhanced load cell input sensitivity and many innovative functions, this unit outperforms every other indicator in its class. The PCB design includes in-built protection against the harmful effects of electrical noise, RFI, transients, earthing loops and interference.

the 500 overcomes the usual 3000 division limitation on trade load cells with both dual range and dual interval operations. There are five linearising points available to correct non-linear cell outputs to ensure accuracy across the entire scale range.

The VAC version automatically operates from any AC voltage between 86 and 260 volts, from 48-62hz. Low voltage problems and electrical damage caused by brown-outs are totally eliminated with this model.

The primary anti-vibration filter is used to eliminate weight fluctuations caused by external influences such as vibration, rotational and out-of-balance forces without greatly affecting the A/D update rate.

The 5000 case dimensions are very compact, which makes it ideal for mounting in cluttered control panels where space is at a premium. It can be desk mounted or fitted with an IP65 stainless steel housing suitable for use in wet areas.

The 5000's excitation sensing eliminates weighing errors on long load cell cable runs and allows fine resolutions to be attained when used with barriers in Intrinsically Safe environments.

  • 100,000 divisions @ 60 updates per second
  • High sensitivity input (0.15 µV/division)
  • Single range, dual range & dual interval modes
  • Clock/calendar & battery backed memory standard
  • "Plain English" setup & calibration messages
  • Anti-vibration filter for mixer/in-motion applications
  • Independent zero, span, & linearising functions
  • User-programmable printed ticket headers
  • Full metal housing, CE Approved
  • Audible & tactile feedback on sealed 1P65 keypad
  • Green LED display, six digits, 14.5mm high
  • Network ready with internal terminating resistors
  • AC & DC versions available
  • Serial output, two ports, multi-format
  • Port A has RS-232, RS-422 & RS-485
  • Port B has RS-232 with CTS / RTS
  • Modbus Networking Protocol
  • Intelligent Batching Software
  • Analog output, 0-10V & 4-20mA
  • 65,000 Divs., isolated, net/gross/display selectable
  • Setpoint output, 50VDC - 500mA current limited
  • Four open-collector, transistor drive outputs
  • Four remote inputs. All I/O is opto-isolated