S.E.T.® 16792d ver. 2

Weighing Indicator Controller for Digital Load Cell Application

OIML-R76 Approved Weighing Indicator


S.E.T. 16972d ver.2 Series Digital Weighing Indicator is with stainless housing, configure with high performance, wide voltage switch power supply, AC/DC both is possible, suitable for static weighing truck scale system with 1-16 pcs C type or E type digital load cells.

Characteristics and descriptions

  • It has two kinds of auto networking methods.
  • Its communication between load cells and indicator could be encrypted;
  • Support Modbus-RTU protocol;
  • Textual messages could be inputted, could be printed out;
  • Automatic and manual corner - difference adjustment;
  • Non-linearity adjustment function;
  • Calibration rate back up and recovery function;
  • Digital load cell inner code checking function;
  • Digital load cells' inspection function;
  • With scoreboard interface;
  • With serial communication interface;
  • With standard parallel print interface, user defined printing format;
  • PC serial port self-checking function;
  • Battery voltage value display function;
  • Constant current smart recharge protection function;
  • EMC Protection measurement totally set;
  • Factory default recovery function.

Main Technical Parameter

Load cell interface : RS485 Mode, Maximum Transmission distance  75 meters
Transmission speed : E protocol 19200 bps, C protocol 9600 bps
Load cell power supply : DC12V/≂750mA
Load cell numbers : 1~16pcs
Load cell communication protocol : E protocol or C protocol
Display : 7 bits LED, 7 bits status indication
Scoreboard interface : 20mA current loop series serial output, baurd rate 600, transmission distance 100m
Serial communication interface : With standard RS232, S485, Baud rate 600~19200 Optional
Printer interface : With standard parallel printing interface, EPSON LQ-300K/300K+ II\EPSON LQ680/730/1600K, Panasonic KX-P1121/1131, DS300/2600 wide-line printers etc
Data storage : Tare weights of vehicle ID:1500 groups, Cargo name: 201 groups, Customer name: 100 groups, Remarks: 100 groups, Weighing recors: 2400 groups
Power supply : AC 110~220V, 50Hz
Assistant power supply : DC 12V/7Ah Maintenance-free battery (can charge by indicator)