S.E.T.® RC3D Digital Load Cell

S.E.T.® RC3D Digital Load Cell


The RC3D is the DIGITAL version of the very successful RC3. S.E.T.® integrated a state of the art microprocessor system into the load cell to improve system accuracy, and load cell handling. RC3D rocker column load cells are available in the capacities 30t to 50t and include Accuracy Classifications GP, C1, C3, C4, and C6 according to OIML R60.

The digital output enables the user to communicate with each load cell independently of the others in the system. It offers advantages in system setup, corner adjustment, system calibration, fault finding and load cell replacement.

The digital output from the RC3D can be directly connected to a computer, PLC ot others. S.E.T.® added two more components to help the user with his system configuration: a junction box and a weight indicator.

The junction box KPF-D connects multiple RC3D load cells. The polyester box is designed to connect 4 to 8 load cells in a bus configuration (cascade).

The S.E.T.® FT-03 weight indicator (with alibi memory) can be used with analogue load cells and the RC3D load cells. Analogue / Digital load cells selection by parameter setting. Programming and calibration of the individual RC3D load cells is possible via the keys available or more comfortly via laptop or PC connected. The unit incorporates the power supply for all RC3D load cells connected. The unit can be connected to a PC system for further date management.

The load cells offer total stainless steel construction and complete hermetic sealing, making them suitable for use in the toughest industrial environments

This load cell design in combination with a low cost self aligning rocker assembly unites excellent load introduction with a low profile outline.

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