Concrete Deck Pitless Weighbridge System
(Special Edition)

What's important in the purchasing decision of a vehicle scale today? Accuracy, speed, dependability, flexibility and value are among the most important considerations. The S.E.T. TRUCKMASTER Concrete Deck Pitless Weighbridge is designed and manufactured to address these important issues and more.

Believing that weighbridge is the key area where significant savings can be made, the TRUCKMASTER Concrete Deck Pitless Weighbridge combines unequalled performance of digital technology with an above ground weighbridge and cost effective footer foundation design to provide a superior value to your investment.

The TRUCKMASTER gives you the long term reliability, accuracy, performance and serviceability you have every right to expect from S.E.T. weighbridge system.

A thorough and deep understanding of weighing system enable us to bring out the finer details in combining today's weighing technology with hardware specific to application, providing the most practical and economilcal solutions to your needs. We design and build weighbridge that, from the first inception of the project have but only one goal, that is to make you more profitable. We called it "Profit Engineering".

We take great pride in the exceptional quality and value of every weighbridge that we deliver. It's not easy for you to see the extra quality that produces this top value. It's the unseen that makes the different... the processes, manufacturing methods and the attitudes that make us one of the most established and longest serving weighbridge company in the country.

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