Concrete Batching Plants

SET- SF2000 - WMP ConcreteMate

SET- SF2000 - WMP ConcreteMate

Wet Mix Plant
Having served the industry worldwide for more than 50 years, STEELFIELDS Ltd., UK has established itself as the market leader in Europe.

Our innovative wet mix concrete batching plant, ConcreteMate, jointly developed with STEELFIELDS is a fully integrated plant of excellent quality and great value for high-end investment.

ConcreteMate, utilizing the high speed Pan Mixer from STEELFIELDS, delivers concrete accurately to your needs.

The standard ConcreteMate model SET-SF2000-WMP is configured to run optimally at a capacity of up to 60m/hour.

ConcreteMate can also be configured to use STEELFIELDS Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer.

A typical layout of ConcreteMate

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SET-CBP-60D ConcreteMaster

SET-CBP-60D ConcreteMaster
Dry Mix Plant
The dry mix concrete batching plant marketed under the trade name ConcreteMaster is a fully integrated and modular plant which can be shifted without much hassle. Its excellent quality and great value for low investment renders it the ideal construction partner.

Lower maintenance, higher reliability and 100% spare parts backup are the characteristics of ConcreteMaster.

ConcreteMaster has undergone continuos development and refinement since its introduction and is considered the pioneer of S.E.T.®'s plant series

Model SET- CBP- 6OD is designed to run optimally at a production capacity of up to 60m/hour. For lower production requirement, Model SET- CBP- 3OD operates at up to a capacity of 30m/hour, ideally suited for low budget investments.

A typical layout of ConcreteMaster

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