Our precision balances redefine the standards of the weighing industry. With three levels of choice at your disposal -Professional, Standard and Basic Precision Balances - you are able to select the right balance for the right job.

These balances have one thing in common: they are of Industry Compatible Quality.

For more demanding weighing requirements, our range of precision balances offers a great number of additional special features including software programing providing you almost as accurate a result as you may need.


Aczet Micro & Semi Micro Balances

The high precision weighing requirements in analytical testing and quantitative analyses in the pharmaceutical industry compel use of high-resolution balances that meet the minimum accuracy requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. This leads to the fact that weighing of less than 10 mg, micro balances often need to be used.

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Aczet Industrial Precision Balances

lt performs internal calibration and adjustment automatically with changes in ambient temperature by specific value on defined time interval has elapsed thanks to Perfect Self Auto Calibration in SSH-C

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Aczet Analytical Balances

Aczet's CY / CY C Series Analytical Balances offers exactly right performance and convenient features that accomplish for the most sophisticated weighing tasks.

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Aczet Moisture Analyzer Balances

New MB Series Moisture Analyzer with HALOGEN Heating is mainly Designed on the basis of Time Saving Factory for universal use in Chemical. Pharmaceutical, Oil, Petroleum industries also in Material Testing & Environmental Laboratories & in Sewage Treatment Plants.

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