Aczet Micro & Semi Micro Balances


Micro and semi micro balances

Filter Weighing

The high precision weighing requirements in analytical testing and quantitative analyses in the pharmaceutical industry compel use of high-resolution balances that meet the minimum accuracy requirements of the US Pharmacopoeia. This leads to the fact that weighing of less than 10 mg, micro balances often need to be used.

micro balances fulfill the most stringent requirements offering highest level of safety reliability and conformity in terms of results.


Standard Features:

  • Short Measurement times for weighing results save valuable time during each operation.
  • The construction of micro balance with separate electronic modules and mechanical system eliminates temperature changes and
    yields great repeat ability.
  • motorized gloss draft shield triggered by with a wave of hand over intro red sensors help working with minimum sample size effortless
    and fast.
  • lt performs internal calibration and adjustment automatically with changes in ambient temperature by specific value on defined time interval has elapsed
  • High contrast LCD Display with LED backlight ensures excellent readability. Standard RS 232C interface. USB is Optional.
  • Ultra precise weighing of filters with special metal draft shield.


Model CM 2 CM 5 CM 11 CM 19 CM 5F CY 265C CY 65C
Capacity  2g 5g 11g 19g 5g 60 / 210 g 65 g 
Readability 1μg  1μg  1μg 1μg  1μg 0.01/0.1 mg 0.01 mg
Repeatability (+/-)  1μg  2μg 3μg 5μg  2μg  0.02/0.1 mg 0.01 mg
Linearity (+/-)  3μg 3μg 5μg 10μg 3μg 0.05/0.3 mg 0.02 mg
Pan Size (mm/inch) 15∅ / 0.59∅  90∅ / 3.9∅ 80∅ Grid Pan